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At Neurlocity, we strive to deliver innovative machine intelligence and artifical intelligence solutions to inform key decisions and drive strategic impact.


Predictive Analytics

Forecast future customer behavior based on current and past attributes of your customers.

Market Segmentation

Find the relationship similarities and differences in your customers so that you can more effectively tailor marketing efforts for different market clusters.

Computer Vision

We use advanced convolutional neural networks to classify, filter, or label your images so that you can make better decisons, such as detecting the occurence of specific objects or the existence of anomalies and errors.

Text Analytics

We use the latest NLU technologies to unlock the value in your text documents. Sentiment analysis, Group documents into categories, Automatically classify into dispostions, summarize lengthy documents. Also, we can create effective chat bots to streamline core business functions such as customer service. And much more.


We have many years of experience in applying optimization techniques to problems that can be traditionally difficult such as those ranging from product scheduling to choosing the right mix of brands to place in a restaurant, retail shelf, or automotive lot.

Choice Modeling

We will use conjoint analysis to help you answer questions around the right mix of features for your product or service. Let customers evaluate different product profiles in a market study and we can statistically derive the options that are preferred.

Data Visualization

Tableau and custom web sites using Matplotlib, Plotly, and D3 are some of the tool we can use to create stunning interactive visualizations to better understand your data.

Custom Software

Python, Java, C#, R, and a variety of front-end frameworks are some of the languages we can use to add value to an existing project or pipeline or to creat a new end to end pipline that can include a cloud provider such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Mobile Development

We can provide native app development for iOS or Android or a cross-platform solution in Ionic or Flutter to develop your mobile presence.


We can help you with your blockchain project to create a data store that is distributed and secure.