I am an accomplished technology and software engineering executive who has taken large, technical projects from the design stage through all phases of development in projects involving statistical analysis and complexity science. These software products – Marketing Mix Optimization (MMO), Optimizer, WinCross, WinQuery, and QueryWeb - have become leaders in their respective fields.

I have over 30 years of software design and development experience in agent-based modeling (ABM), statistical analysis and market research applications. I have the unique perspective of both analytics and engineering. Most of my software engineering career has involved seeing opportunities for the companies I have worked at and also for my customers in analytics when the current analytic tools were not sufficient to providing the best insights.

Prior to starting Neuralocity, I led the software development effort for ThinkVine's marketing planning and simulation software and managed the SDLC agile process. I also was Software Development Manager for The Analytical Group where I architected the company's 3 major products (WinCross, WinQuery, and QueryWeb) that remain category leaders today.

Now At Neuralocity, we are devoted to driving real solutions for people with the tools of artifical intelligence.

Work Experience

April 2021 - Present

Lead Research and Data Scientist

Patientpoint provides point of care engagement and content to healtcare patients in the healthcare location. At PatientPoint I primarily use Python, SQL, Snowflake to build machine learning algorithms to solve problems such as forecasting advertising campaign lift, location analysis, and content analysis. These machine learning solutions use frameworks such as scikit-learn and TensorFlow are engineered to be deployed in a variety of user endpoints such as Salesforce and Tableau.

March 2020 - Present

Neuralocity LLC

At Neuralocity I have developed a SaaS product based on NLP for the auto industry called OpinionSpark. Also, I worked with Abre.io on a SaaS based machine learning site to help K-12 school districts identify at-risk students. The pilot program is with the Cincinnati Public School system. Also, developed a NLP chatbot application with Python and Rasa and wrote a python Flask API wrapper around the Census data API. Consulted with a travel startup in PHP and Wordpress. Working on a NLP based SaaS platform using Flask, Google Cloud, and Python. Also, consulted on an R/Python/SQL machine learning project with PatientPoint, a healthcare device company, that measures interactive device engagement by patients.

March 2019 - Present

University of Arizona

I teach a 24 week data analyzation and visualization boot camp through the University of Arizona that is run by 2U Inc. Topics include Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, D3.js, Leaflet.js, Web scraping, Tableau, Hadoop, R, PySpark, and Machine Learning.

March 2018 - March 2020

VP Software Engineering

I led the development of a remote team for Abre.io, a company that creates a SaaS plat-form for K-12 schools to help them manage curriculum, learning, conduct, assessments, teacher enrichment, course materials, etc. in PHP, Python, jQuery, Vue, and MySql in Google Cloud. Implemented agile process improvements and led the team in enabling a great software product for schools to be robust and scalable by improving deployments, bringing in CI/CD, QA improvements, and moving the system to Google Cloud. Additionally, I increased the security profile through security audits.

October 2016 - March 2018


Built a Web-based advertising evaluation platform for medium sized businesses. This system is in Python, Django, Plotly, MySQL, and AWS. I was also brought in by a startup called Say Hullo that had been trying for two years to develop a mobile CRM/communication App using Ionic/Angular. I was tasked by one of the potential investment companies to get development on track and to make technological decisions, manage the offshore team, and prepare for additional funding. I replaced development staff as needed, implemented an agile development process, moved the .Net API to AWS, set up notifications in Google Firebase, turned around the front end Ionic/Angular development and was able to get a beta release in August with a first release in December of that year.

Additionally during this time, I developed mobile apps for Android and iOS that was accepted into the Google Play Store and App Store using Android Studio/Java and XCode/Swift.

April 2002 - October 2016

Thinkvine, Inc.
VP Software Engineering

At ThinkVine, I managed agile development teams through the designing of software solutions to help companies understand nonlinear, dynamical marketing data utilizing the tools of Complexity Science - such as agent-based modeling and machine learning. I directed a team of highly skilled engineers in the development of our flagship SaaS simulation project called Marketing Mix Optimization (MMO). The heav-ily threaded MMO was built with a variety of tools including a C# engine, ASP.Net with C#, Entity Frame-work, SQL Server, WCF, XML, jQuery, Knockout, and AngularJS. The backend is SQL and WCF services that run the simulation parsed out amongst worker nodes. I have also developed innovative GUI software for visualizing, designing, and exploring agent-based systems in C#, VB, and C/C++ and wrote Neural Network add-ons for Statistica in Visual Basic. I also wrote optimization tools that use genetic algorithms to aid in the decision making for difficult problems.

I led the team in building an advertising digital attribution model using machine learning that was being integrated into our MMO software that will take the typical Big Data problem of terabytes of Web data that are impressions and conversions and process these events in Python using Spark/Databricks cluster AWS for fast, real time queries. The front end was Java Spring Boot SPA using HTML, CSS, and Angu-larJS and REST APIs.

November 1992 - April 2002

The Analytical Group
Software Development Manager

I was responsible for leading a team of engineers through the design and development of The Analytical Group's three major software projects in marketing research data collection and analytics. This included all phases of software development. I developed the first crosstabulation analytical software for Windows called WinCross doing all the design and programming in C/C++. In later versions, I integrated the importing of different data types, a spell checker library, charts, spreadsheets, XML output.

The next project, WinQuery, required taking an extremely large DOS program written in Fortran and redesigning/rewriting it in C/C++ for Windows.

Besides maintaining new versions of these two projects, I led the development of QueryWeb which was a Web version of WinQuery - a CATI system for marketing research. Written in Microsoft Visual C/C++, this project required skills such as JavaScript, ASP, COM, XML/XSL and the coordi nation of the other developers working on the project.

Feb 1986 - Nov 1992

Sophisticated Data Research (SDR)
Senior Project Director

As a senior data analyst I prepared the reports and analysis for our clients who were mostly market research companies. I also wrote special purpose programs to aid in the crosstabulation and statistical analysis of market research data in both C/C++ and Fortran such as Regression, Discriminant, Cluster, and TURF analysis.



Engineering (Software)
Master of Science

Arizona State University



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Arizona State University



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Northern Illinois University